Makeup lovers are worried they won’t be able to unlock their new iPhones, but this is why it will all be okay

When Apple released the first-ever iPhone back in 2007, they didn’t even have emojis or a copy and paste feature. But the newest iPhone, iPhone X, will have incredible features like facial recognition. Which is cool…but presents a very unique problem for makeup lovers: Will our iPhones recognize us with false lashes or a full contour on?

It’s something that beauty bloggers and Sephora queens around the world worried about when Apple announced the new iPhone features earlier this week, but it turns out your iPhone X WILL recognize you even if you get a drastic new hairdo or rock a pair of sunnies…so fear not, glam queens.

FaceID, the newest iPhone feature, will allow you to unlock your phone simply by holding it up to your face, and it seems like something out of a spy movie. But the people have questions, including how the heck facial recognition will work if you make changes to your face.

The iPhone will also be able to tell if you’re wearing something on your face (hello, Halloween selfies!) or if you’re holding up a photo to the screen to try and trick it. According to, “There’s only a 1 in 1,000,000 chance someone could fake your Face ID.”

Whew! That’s a definite relief for those of us who enjoy changing up our ~lewk~ on the regular. Plus, we cannot wait for personalized Animojis to amp up our iMessage game even more. The iPhone X will be available for preorder on October 27th. However, the price tag (a whopping $1,000)…that’s a bear to tackle for a whole other day. But let’s just say we have a lot of ramen noodles in our futures…