Somebody just put the new iPhone through a durability test and it’s fascinating to watch

There has been a ton of talk about the new iPhone 7 lately. The new update has it’s usually run of new features, but the strangest is definitely Apple getting rid of the traditional headphone jack and creating a new one. Because of that latest change the iPhone 7 and 7S have been very divisive lately, with Apple fans unsure of what the future holds.


But so far very little has been show in the way of its durability.

And while talking about the new phone is good, it’s not as good as seeing it in action. And when we say action, we mean the really practical questions, like can this phone survive being left in the bottom of a purse? Will it be ok if I keep it in the same pocket as our house keys? Can we hit it with a hammer? (Hey, people want to know!)


That’s why we’re totally fascinated by this durability video from the YouTube channel ‘JerryRigEverything’.

In it, the YouTuber takes a brand new iPhone 7 and runs it through a series of tests. And they’re hardcore! He does everything from scratch it up with razor blades to holding a flame to it. It’s very fascinating and cool to see this version of the iPhone subjected to tests that you would never try at home. Check it out for yourself here:

If you’re like me and have a breaking-your-phone phobia, this video might be a little stressful to watch, but it is nonetheless totally cool to witness. It’s so fascinating to see how much the phone could actually endure before getting damaged.

The upshot is that all of the components of this phone are pretty scratch resistant. Using a tool meant to test the hardiness of gems, Jerry is able to figure out that while this phone will scratch, it’s not going to scratch for basic stuff like your keys or anything you’d have on your person. And since most of us are not deliberately scratching up our phones with razor blades and burning them with flames (at least we hope!) This phone will be pretty resistant to the every day wear-and-tear from the average iPhone user.

So there’s some good news. Even though this new phone might take some getting used to, we are not going to accidentally scratch the screen any time soon!