New Invention: The Most Comfortable Heels Ever

I’ve mentioned it to all of you before, but it’s worth mentioning again: As a clumsy and uncoordinated girl who stands at 5’10”, I’m not a fan of heels. Sure, I understand their appeal, and of course, certain heels look super cute on display (when I’m not focused on the pain they’d cause me.) I might be able to fake it with heels for special occasions, but on the regular, I stick to flats and boots. Flat boots, and booty flats. You catch my drift.

That being said, there’s a new heel in the works that looks pretty spectacular, and promises to break many of the negative shoe stereotypes that I hold dear. They’re equipped with hydraulic springs and shock absorbing rubber balls, so that you literally feel like you’re walking on air.

The Kinetic Traces collection by London College of Fashion alum Silvia Fado Moreno offers intriguing looking shoes with all of the support that we need to walk healthier. Every step is cushioned by springy heel technology, designed to ease foot pain, and minimize the feeling of walking in heels. And did I mention how cool they look? Seriously. These are totally the shoes of the future. Judy Jetson would probably wear them daily.

“I was intrigued by the relationship between the movement of the body and Fashion footwear design on the one hand, and high performance Sports footwear and body movement on the other,” Silvia said in an interview. “The central concept of the project development was impact absorption, which was studied from a mechanical point of view because heels are structures which are affected by many different forces during the process of human motion.”

So basically, they look like high heels, but they’re architecturally designed like cutting-edge sneakers.

Needless to say, every shoe in Silvia’s collection is a piece of art. Never before have I seen a shoe that I wouldn’t mind putting behind a glass case. Her sense of creativity is through the roof. Who else would think a shoe with wooden components would be one of the most comfortable shoes you’d ever own?

Currently, the shoes are in the prototype phase. But if you want a chance to rock the look yourself, Silvia stated that a commercial line will be available by the end of the year. Personally, I can’t wait — and I think Silvia is a mastermind who might just change the world of footwear forever. How come nobody thought about re-inventing the heel before? Were the sprained ankles that we women faced in the past just a cruel joke, before the notion of a comfortable and supportive heel was introduced to us?

For the heel lovers and heel haters out there, what do you think of Silvia’s creation? Do you think you’d be able to wear them with confidence? I guess the big question is — what would you wear them with?

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