The new holiday flavors from Lip Smacker warm our nostalgic heart

Is there anything that flashes you straight back to the heart of your childhood like the smell of Lip Smackers? One whiff and we’re right back in middle school with puffy and unruly hair, huge glasses, and a strong desire to be invisible. Was there anything better than pulling out your very own Lip Smacker and comparing flavors with your friends? What an innocent and tender time! Root beer, strawberry, vanilla — classic scents for which to save our pennies and happily pick up our own.

Now get this, Lip Smacker has released new holiday flavors and they sound positively delicious!

Who knew we needed these in our lives until just this second? Here are three new flavors we need to add to our collections ASAP!

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice


This guy is part of the Stocking Stuffer 4-pack and in stores October 15th!



Sugarplum will be featured as a single in stores on October 15th as well.

Gingerbread Girl


Gingerbread Girl is part of the Gingerbread trio cane and will be in stores on October 15th.

If you don’t want to wait, all flavors will be available to shop online on October 1st.

We’re already dreaming about how these babies are gonna smell; it’ll be beyond perfect for the holiday season, don’t you think?