HBO’s new Sesame Street has ALL the amazing celeb cameos

Get ready, guys. Sesame Street is coming back, and this time it’s being brought to us by the letters H, B and O. Last August, Sesame Workshop, the non-profit entity behind our favorite muppet-filled neighborhood, announced the show would be moving from PBS to cable giant HBO. While the home of Game of Thrones may seem like an unlikely fit for Big Bird and his crew (#squadgoals, amirite?), it’s actually a pretty genius move.

According to The New York Times, “The partnership will allow the financially challenged Sesame Workshop to significantly increase its production of Sesame Street episodes and other new programming.” Now we’ve gotten our first glimpse of what Sesame Street will look like with solid financial backing, and guys, it looks AWESOME. The revamped show premieres on January 16, and on Christmas Eve, HBO released a trailer for Sesame Street’s new season. It might just be the best Christmas present ever. Tina Fey in a plumed hat? You heard me. Gwen Stefani dancing with Big Bird? All of the yes. Jon Hamm teaching us the alphabet? THUD. Pharrell Williams and Usher are hanging out on Sesame Street, too. Because of course they are. We’re into it. We’re into big time.

Check out the new trailer below. We’re counting down the days until January 16. (But we could use a little help from Count von Count. Just saying.)

[Image and video via YouTube.]

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