A new “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery” gameplay trailer is here, and it looks better than a game of wizard’s chess

Heads up, Potterheads: You may want to stash away your wands for now, because a new Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery gameplay trailer has arrived, and it will have you scrambling for your smartphone faster than wizards can apparate.

Jam City and Portkey Games have been teasing us with their magical creation since December of last year and got us even more excited when they released a Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery teaser in January — but this latest gameplay trailer is the real deal. It actually gives us a deeper understanding of the game, and honestly, it’s so damn impressive that watching it is Dolores Umbridge-level torture. Because we can’t play yet, of course.

In the new Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery trailer, we learn that it’s going to be a choose-your-own-adventure game, which means that players will get to forge their own path, as opposed to their lives being dictated by a prophecy. (No offense, Harry.) We’ll all get the chance to do things like…


If you didn’t like how you got sorted on Pottermore, you now have the chance to pick the House of your dreams.


You’ll get to pick your Ron and Hermione, and maybe even form your own version of Dumbledore’s Army, so you could be the #squadgoals of Hogwarts. You can also make enemies, because what is the wizarding world without a dash of drama, right?


As you navigate the game, you’ll have to be skilled at casting charms and concocting potions in order to progress. You best believe that we’re going to try to kick ass at this so that we can make Professor Snape and Professor Flitwick proud.


Ah, the most exciting part of it all! It doesn’t look like we’ll be uncovering the same mysteries that the OG trio dealt with in the books and movies, but I suppose that’s why the game is literally called Hogwarts Mystery. And the secret features are what makes it all the more appealing.

Without further ado, here’s the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery trailer:


Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have a release date yet, but Android users can pre-register on Google Play to get first dibs when the game launches. Sorry iPhone owners, it appears that Androids are the smartphone Firebolts of the wizarding world. But don’t fret, you can still key in your e-mail on the official website, and wait for your owl to come to your inbox to bring updates.

While we all wait for the official launch, take this time to scream Obliviate! at your phones and calendars, because in the name of Albus Dumbledore, you will need all the gigabytes and time you can get.

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