This new graphic novel about Frida Kahlo will be a beacon of joy on your bookshelf

Frida Kahlo was a multifaceted woman. Besides being an artist, she was a revolutionary. That would explain why we continue to immortalize Frida’s legacy in a myriad of ways, as she will forever inspire our insatiable spirits and creative souls.

Now, we have a new way to obsesses over Frida. Thanks to artist Vanna Vinci, we’re getting a graphic novel about Frida Kahlo. Frida Kahlo: The Story Of Her Life aims to depict Frida in a new light, allowing us to see another version of the famed artist.

While the piece is half truth, half fiction, we have a feeling it may be a little difficult to separate the two. Frida’s life was both dramatic and grand, thanks in part to her lifelong health issues and her tumultuous marriage to artist Diego Rivera. But even with difficulties, Frida never stopped creating.

Instead, the icon used art as a catharsis, exploring her darkness by using it during her creative process.

The novel blends surreal elements and conjured plot lines with the real twists and turns of Frida’s life. Filled with bright colors, and classic Frida imagery like that of monkeys and parrots, this book is a testament to the immortal style and spirit of Frida.

While we need this on our bookshelves right now, we’re going to have to wait to buy this until its release on September 4th. Thankfully, this is worth the wait, and we can’t wait to learn about Frida in this new way.