Zooey Deschanel shared a poster for the final season of “New Girl,” and fans are beyond emotional

Is it April 10th yet? While fans have been patiently (okay, fine, impatiently) waiting for New Girl to return this spring for its *SOB* final season, the show’s stars have been doling out sneak peeks of what’s to come. In this case, Zooey Deschanel (and many of her New Girl castmates) shared a new poster of the group promoting the show’s final season, and it has us both thrilled and devastated. Thrilled because it’s been *way* too long since we’ve seen Jess and Nick and Winston and Cece and Schmidt. Devastated because, again, we’re heading into the seventh and last season.

Not only does this new art feature all our faves’ smiling faces (and Jess and Nick adorably semi-snuggling, might we add), it’s also captioned with a heartbreaking, bittersweet message: “Friends to the end.” In case you’re wondering, yes, that sound you hear is us weeping uncontrollably. And no, we aren’t alone in that…

New Girl fans were quick to chime in on social media after Deschanel (and co.) posted the image on Thursday, February 8th, conveying everything from their excitement, to plot theories, and preemptive sadness that the show is actually coming to an end. Take a look for yourselves!

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Regular viewers already grappled with the thought of losing Jess and her squad once when the show was in danger of being canceled after its sixth season (luckily Jake Johnson and others were there to fight for another well-deserved batch of episodes). But, while we’re so glad to get one more season, that doesn’t make the idea of “the end” any easier.

Thankfully, though, we’ve gotten a lot of hints about what’s to come in New Girl Season 7. Deschanel and other cast members, in addition to sharing this new poster, have been generously sharing behind-the-scenes photos, and we know the action picks up three years after it left off last season.

We’re all about getting hyped for one of our favorite shows to return. Having to wait TWO FULL MONTHS until it does? Well, that’ll be difficult but, surely, well worth it.

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