A Fan Thinks ‘New Girl’ Predicted the Pandemic—and Lamorne Morris Agrees

Um, do you mind if we jump down a conspiracy rabbit hole for a second? A TikTok user noticed something strange about New Girl, the former Zooey Deschanel-led Fox sitcom, and now we can’t stop thinking about it. The show ended in 2018, but thanks to Netflix, it never really dipped out of relevancy, and during one fan’s rewatch, she noticed that the time jump in Season 7 (the final season) may have predicted the coronavirus pandemic—and New Girl actor Lamorne Morris, who played Winston, agrees.

In a July 7th TikTok video, app user @betty_white_claw (great name, btw) uploaded a video in which she points out a few details that flew under the radar when New Girl Season 7 first aired in 2018. This season, she points out, takes place three years after Season 6, which ended in 2017. So, therefore, logic tells us Season 7 takes place in 2020.

In the first episode of the seventh season, we see Max Greenfield’s Schmidt wearing a face mask and gloves, having just bleached “all outdoor playing surfaces.” Then, later that same episode, Jake Johnson’s Nick Miller says, “Excuse me. I got to go wash my hands. I’ve been in Europe.”

How, pray tell, did New Girl know we would be living in a dangerous, virus-infected hellscape come 2020?

When @betty_white_claw asked, “Did New Girl predict coronavirus?” Morris responded in the comments: “Yes. Yes we did.”

Another TikTok user commented, “They KNEW GIRL,” and we have yet to stop laughing.

Obviously, this is just a huge coincidence. Right? And there’s actually no way New Girl writers actually knew about the incoming coronavirus. Right? And Schmidt wearing a mask, and Nick needing to wash his hands after Europe is just their characters being their characters…right?

Between this and the fact that the show literally had a quarantine episode in Season 5, we’re starting to think creator Liz Meriwether can see the future.


This is all totally normal. Conspiracy or not, we agree with Greenfield that New Girl makes a great quaran-watch, at the very least.

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