Jake Johnson shared a picture from Season 7 of New Girl, and we have questions about Jess’ finger splint and nose ring

Over the past seven years, we have had the pleasure of inviting a group of dear friends into our homes once a week (give or take). But after all this time, it’s sadly coming to an end. New Girl, starring our very own Zooey Deschanel, begins its seventh and final season on Tuesday, April 10th. Sniff.

There was a lot of mystery around the final season of New Girl. By the time the Season 6 finale aired, the show had yet to be renewed. Fans and even the cast members themselves were unclear if there would be more episodes. The Season 6 finale ended in a way that, if this was it, it would be possible to move on. There were no huge cliffhangers. Fans got what they wanted with a confession of love followed by a big ol’ Nick and Jess reunion kiss. Plus, we found out that Cece and Schmidt were expecting a baby! And that Winston and Aly are getting married!

It was all good and fine, but we were super relieved when Fox renewed New Girl for Season 7. It will only be eight episodes long, but we’ll savor every single one.

So, what do we know about the final season of New Girl?

The cast has shared plenty of behind the scenes photos from Season 7 over the past few months. We know there’s a time jump, which means Cece and Schmidt’s baby is no longer a baby. It’s unclear if Nick and Jess are still together, but one thing is for sure: Jess has made some major changes in her life.


Okay, okay. Maybe major is an exaggeration. But based on this behind-the-scenes picture that Jake Johnson (Nick) shared on Instagram, it looks like our sweet and quirky Jess is rocking a nose ring and a finger splint. The finger splint is (hopefully) not a fashion choice, but the nose ring certainly is. Is Future Jess a bit edgier?

As far as we know, Deschanel hasn’t broken her finger in real life recently, so this must be a Jess Day thing. In the pic shared by Jake Johnson, the two look like they are up to something. We cannot wait to see what it is.

Johnson and the other cast members haven’t let on to any of the major plot points of the new season.

Other than sharing pictures that leave us guessing! Like this one. Do Nick and Jess get married?


How adorable is Cece and Schmidt’s daughter?

Oh, and Ferguson will be there, of course.

The rest we’ll figure out starting on Tuesday. We hope Jess’ finger is okay, and we really enjoy the new nose ring look. Find us over here crying for the next eight weeks!

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