We officially know when ‘New Girl’ is coming back!!

THE NEW GIRL WAIT IS ALMOST OVER! Earlier today, Fox unveiled its new mid-season television lineup. While we’ll have to say goodbye to Scream Queens — which wraps up its first season in December — that means there’s going to be more than enough room for Jess, Nick, Schmidt, Winston, and CeCe to make themselves at home once again.

As soon as we swap out our 2015 calendars for 2016 versions, New Girl comes back into our lives. The show kicks off its fifth season on January 5th, and it’s got a shiny new time slot, too. So go ahead and clear off every Tuesday for at least the first five months of the year, because New Girl‘s back on at 8pm every single week. Even though it no longer has Mindy Project to keep it company (AND THAT’S OK, it’s on Hulu now), the rest of Tuesday will be rounded out with Grandfathered, The Grinder, and Brooklyn-99.

When we last saw our True American playing roommates, Schmidt had just proposed to CeCe even though they weren’t even dating, because that’s the way Schmidt rolls. Coach also packed up all his things and set off for New York, so does that mean there’s a vacancy in the apartment? Sure does. In case you’ve forgotten, there’s going to be a brand new New Girl this season, when Megan Fox joins the show for a guest arc. She’s dropping by during the time our beloved Zooey is out on leave caring for little Elsie Otter. But don’t worry, she’ll only be gone for a handful of episodes.

And if you’re still not excited enough, Peter Gallagher has been cast to play Schmidt’s dad. Now you better be the most excited.

All this starts happening in less than two months! January 5th can’t get here soon enough.

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