Nick Miller’s dreams might come true in Season 7 of “New Girl” — and this is good news for “The Pepperwood Chronicles”

When it pops up on your newsfeed that a friend you haven’t seen in a while is just getting back from a fancy European book tour, you might be tempted to roll your eyes. But when that friend is fictional, and one of your favorite TV characters, you’re all about it. Which is to say, it appears congratulations will be in order for Nick Miller when New Girl returns for its seventh and final season this spring. Because when we reunite with our TV pal (Jake Johnson) and his (our) besties in April, Nick’s apparently published at least one book!

Season 7 picks up three years after Season 6 left off.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the final season of New Girl starts with Nick and Jess (don’t worry, still an item) coming back from said Euro book tour. Now, it’s not clear whose book tour we’re talking about, but our money is on the Pepperwood Chronicles mastermind.

Not to mention, Winston and Aly are expecting a baby, and Cece is working while Schmidt stays home with their daughter. So many new adventures! Fox announced the new plot details, along with a premiere date — April 10th! — giving us a little more than three months to mentally prepare for all the last *tear* chapter of awesomeness in store.

This is all great news, but especially because Season 7 was almost not even a thing.

When New Girl‘s Season 6 finale aired, the show hadn’t been renewed for another season, so the writers wrapped things up storyline-wise just in case. Enter Johnson: Taking series creator Liz Meriwether’s advice, the actor reached out to Fox directly and politely asked the execs to give the people what they wanted — more episodes. And it worked. No wonder showrunners are rewarding Johnson’s character with a (seemingly) happily ever after.

We’ll also see some fresh and familiar famous faces in the coming seven episodes. Damon Wayans, Jr., Jaime Lee Curtis, Rob Reiner, and Dermot Mulroney are set to appear, as well as Tig Notaro and JB Smoove. The one-hour series finale (*sob*) will air May 15th, so cancel any and all plans you might have for then!