And baby makes THREE on the season finale of “New Girl”

Soon, there’s going to be another human running around the loft. We’re just going to need to wait 21+ years until they can start playing True America.

The season finale of New Girl wrapped up a whole lot of storylines, while also starting some new ones (the show hasn’t been renewed for Season 7 yet, and yes, this is keeping us up at night). “Five Stars for Beezus” saw Ali moving into the loft, Jess moving out of the loft, and soon, a new baby in the loft. Yes it turns out — and drumroll, please — Schmidt and CeCe are expecting.

?There’s going to be a Baby Schmidt!!?

The news unfolds in typical New Girl fashion, which is chaos. CeCe heads in for a routine  appointment at the gyno, and when her doctor (CeCe and Jess’s long-time doctor and friend, Sadie) calls with the good news, Jess accidentally answers the phone. So yes, Jess learns CeCe is pregnant before CeCe learns.

Sadie tries to call back and get CeCe on the phone, but then Ali answers the call, and she and Winston learn that CeCe’s pregnant before CeCe. AND THEN, Winston spills the news to Schmidt, so now, CeCe is literally the only person who doesn’t know she’s pregnant. Well, okay, Nick doesn’t know either, but he’s a different story.

Schmidt is over the moon hearing the news, and rushes out to buy CeCe flowers. Schmidt just couldn’t decide which flowers to buy, so he buys ALL the flowers.


When Schmidt breaks the news to CeCe, there is LOTS of crying, on both their parts. Schmidt and CeCe are going to have a baby!!


There’s no question about it — we need New Girl Season 7 to happen now, because we need to see lil’ Schmidt IRL.