“New Girl’s” Max Greenfield explains why he’s vastly unqualified for his latest job (LOL)

One of our favorite New Girl stars, Max Greenfield, stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last week wearing a yellow-and-black youth soccer referee uniform. Why? To prove a point, and because he’s hilarious. I mean, Greenfield can pretty much do, say, or wear anything, and we’d LOL pretty hard, but the story he told to Colbert was especially perfect.

He was wearing the uniform for a very specific reason — to talk about a new job he got that he’s vastly unqualified for. And his situation sounds vaguely familiar. “As it turns out, not a lot of people want to be the referee,” Greenfield told Colbert. “And you wouldn’t believe how much work goes into being a youth soccer referee.”

Colbert chimed in to agree that being a soccer referee for kids is indeed a thankless job.

"I had to take all these online courses," Max added. "Then I had to drive out to Redondo Beach, which is the equivalent of you driving out to Queens. And I took this four hour seminar, and there was an exam at the end. I was positive I had failed the exam... but to everyone's surprise, including myself, I somehow passed."

Colbert interrupted to ask the question everyone was thinking — whether or not Greenfield did all of this for his child. Of course, the answer was yes.

"And not only did I pass, I couldn't have done better on the test," he explained. "And I'm watching the results come in, and I'm thinking to myself, 'I can't believe this.'"

Clearly Greenfield never thought he’d actually be the referee. In fact, he admitted that he applied for the gig as sort of a “fun bit” at first. “My daughter got really excited about it… she plays for the Purple Pythons,” Greenfield added, prompted a cheer from the audience. “And then my family got excited about it, and then her team got excited, their parents got excited. Then before you knew it, I had all of these supporters. And they were embracing me in a way that I had never been embraced before. And I loved it.”

He then joked that he never thought he’d land the job and would just tell people the test was rigged when he didn’t win. Sound familiar yet?

He even admitted to having absolutely zero experience being a referee. In fact, he’s the least qualified referee in history.

Check out the hilarity:


While the story was incredibly entraining, and likely untrue, it’s super obvious that he was throwing some (not so) undercover shade at a certain president-elect (AKA Donald Trump). Which clearly proves Greenfield is the king of comedy.

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