Jess and Reagan team up on “New Girl,” and they might be our new Loft power couple

Being friends with your ex can be tough — but try add in living with your ex. It’s a situation none of us envy, but somehow Jess Day and Nick Miller have made it happen, and make it look easy. But now, throw into the mix being exes, living with the other, and also living with the other’s new significant other? Whoa. That’s a clear cut situation for drama.

So, can Jess somehow managed to not only get over her still-lingering feelings for Nick, and become friends with Reagan? If the latest episode of New Girl is any indication, the answer is YES. And Jess is going to befriend Reagan in the most Jess-way.

“CeCe’s Boys” is all about CeCe really trying to make a name for herself as a talent manager, and a talent manager of a wide variety of boys. When she starts to freak out that she only has one model (Donovan, who is going to stop wearing beanies), Jess offers to help her find a few more boys. Jess manages to rope Reagan into helping out too, though Reagan is clearly NOT into it.

It’s also a huge struggle, because CeCe is under a time crunch to provide models for a commercial, or she’s going to throw in the towel. Reagan is starts looking for boys with the model ~look~, while Jess’ only criteria is “breathing.” After some give and take from the two of them, they managed to turn two boys into full-fledged models…who don’t stand a chance next to the other REAL models at the casting call.

Oh well. But hey, this shared experience brings Jess and Reagan closer together, and that’s what matters. No, maybe they didn’t save CeCe’s butt in the end, but the two had some cute bonding moments, which is what was really the point. These two might be our new favorite loft couple — don’t tell Winston and Ferguson.


Jess and Reagan bonding is also a whole lot better than Nick, Schmidt, and Winston bonding, because the boys get Brazilian waxes together. Don’t ask.