Move over Nick, Jess has a new man in her life on “New Girl”

I think it’s safe to say that all New Girl fans can agree that over the last season or so, Jess hasn’t had it easy in the love life department. Actually, maybe she hasn’t had it easy in the love life department ever. Which is why, as evidenced by the episode, “Last Thanksgiving,” Jess has a new man in her life is so exciting. It feels like it’s time for something new for this girl. No pun intended.

Between her failed relationship with Nick and Ryan moving across the pond. To her rekindled love with Sam falling way to previously dormant but still-lingering feelings for, yep, Nick, her moving on feels natural. After all, it’s not like Nick is currently available to try and make things work Jess again, anyway.

Why else is this romantic venture so satisfying? Well, because its with a familiar character we both love and laugh at. Sure, Robby may not have been the first person you would have chosen for Jess upon his introduction to the show. But, as the AV Club points out, there’s “convincing chemistry between them.”

If you’re a Nick and Jess shipper and are bummed out by this prospect, don’t be. It could be that Robby is just a fun stepping stone and a healthy deviation from pining away that Jess needs on her way back to Nick.