9 times Jess and Cece from New Girl were like you and your sister-friend

If there was an entry in the dictionary for “ultimate friendship goals,” the definition would be a big picture of Jessica Day and Cece Parekh from New Girl. Jess and Cece have been friends since they were very young, and even though they’ve been through fights (both of the passive-aggressive and the aggressive-aggressive nature) and hard times, they’re still totally supportive besties.

It’s the kind of friendship that we all strive to have with our own besties, so with the end of New Girl just around the corner, we’re celebrating some of our favorite BFF moments between Jess and Cece. Whether Cece and Jess are working hard to look out for the other, pushing the other to be better, or even just helping the other after a crazy night out, they’re the type of women you absolutely want to have in your life.

We’re going to miss Jess, Cece, and the entire New Girl gang when the show bids its final farewell this year, but we’ll always remember what they taught us about being an awesome and supportive sister-friend.

1When Cece Needed Some Packing Tough Love


The best friends complement us by being strong in ares where we aren’t. For Cece and Jess, one of those areas happens to be Cece’s pack rat tendencies. While packing and going through old stuff is never fun for anyone, we love that Jess not only buckled down to help Cece pack and get rid of old stuff, but she also knew exactly when to kick Cece out to get some real work done and give her the push out of the pack rat life that she needed.

2When Jess was a Maid of Honor Extraordinaire


Being the Maid of Honor for your bestie is a big deal, and one of the most important parts of it is making sure your friend keeps their cool and that you intercept any of the drama their family tries to toss their way. Even though Jess wasn’t physically in the same building as Cece, she made absolutely sure to help sort out the remainder of Cece’s wedding tasks all while quickly squashing the over-the-top antics of her rambunctious uncle. Maid of Honor of the year, right?

3When They Raged Together


Nothing is more infuriating than when you hear someone was being rude to your bestie. Though Jess and Cece might have been…riding a bit high in this particular moment, we totally relate to that feeling of unbridled rage when you hear someone’s been rude to your friend. We love watching Jess not only validate Cece’s feelings in this moment but also help her find an outlet for that frustration (RIP breadmaker, though).

4When They Teamed Up To Guilt Others Into Helping


Listen, two women teaming up to take on the world can be quite the force. But sometimes, even the strongest women need help. Of course, asking for help can be hard. However, watching Jess and Cece pair up to ask Reagan for help without really asking is just too real and hilarious. We relate all too well with teaming up with your bestie to get someone to help your cause.

5When Cece Helped Jess Remember a Rough Night


Nothing is more fun than a crazy night out with your bestie. Of course, sometimes you have a wild night on your own and have a hard time, um, piecing the events of the previous night back together. But best friends will always be there for you to help you remember what went down. Cece helping Jess recall her crazy night out is total #FriendshipGoals, and Cece’s got skills at encouraging memory recall. Jess is right, she should totally work for the CIA.

6When They Supported Each Other Even Through Bad Ideas


Love can make a girl do crazy things, and a BFF is the one who can tell you when you need to move on from someone who makes a crappy SO. However, sometimes you’ve got to know when to just ride the drama wave out with your bestie. Watching Cece try to support Jess as she works out sharing her true feelings with Nick (while gently suggesting some ways to make the interaction a bit more successful) is totally why we love those two.

7When They Shared EVERY Detail


Nothing is off limits with your bestie, and that absolutely includes your love life. Watching Cece let Jess rage a bit about her kiss with Nick and then get ALL of the details on their kiss is relatable AF. A best friend is the one who will be there to let you rant, but will absolutely demand a total play-by-play of those big moments with a SO or after an important date, just like Cece.

8When They Pushed Each Other To Try New Things


One of the best things about Jess and Cece is how Cece can pull Jess out of her shell. Any introvert who is friends with an extrovert can agree that they provide an invaluable service, helping us step out of our comfort zones a bit. And even though this evening with Jess and Cece ultimately ends in a bit of a fight, we love that Cece is eager to get Jess to try new things, meet new people, and get a little crazy.

9When They Supported Each Other…And Made Fun of Each Other


The thing about being longtime besties with someone is that you’ll get a hearty share of dirt on each other. While best friends are the people you can trust absolutely with those less-than-flattering moments, best friends are also the ones that can make the most fun of you in the best (and most loving, of course) ways. And ultimately, it helps take some of the sting from those super embarrassing moments.

We love Jess and Cece, and we’re so sad that this is our final season getting to watch these two friends take on the world together! So while we’re furiously rewatching the series to lessen the blow of losing New Girl, let’s remember the biggest friendship lesson that Jess and Cece taught us. That lesson is, of course, to always be there for your bestie, no matter what.

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