The 7 funniest moments of the Season 6 “New Girl” premiere that have us LOL’ing

New Girl is finally back! The sixth (sixth!!) season kicked off last night, and it was packed with all sorts of amazing moments and LOL-worthy jokes.

It looks like it’s been a big summer for everyone in the loft. CeCe and Schmidt are still happily married, and now on the hunt for a brand new place to say (even though WHY they’d want to move out of that loft, we don’t know). Winston is still hanging with Ferguson, and in a long-distance relationship with Ally, who’s currently in NYC. Nick is long-distance himself, down in New Orleans with Regan.

And Jess? Well, she's taken up all sorts of crazy and odd hobbies to pass the time...but mostly to keep herself preoccupied so she stops thinking about Nick.

The episode was directed by Zooey Deschanel herself, and it was some ? work. Here are our seven favorite moments from the premiere, “House Hunt.”

1. When we learn Jess got super RIPPED over the summer, and can now move refrigerators with her bare hands.


2. When Jess accidentally ran the wrong way to the car (it happens).


3. When Jess reassured Cece and Schmidt that their new house would be “ghost free.”


4. When Nick reminded Jess of the cold hard truth.


5. When Schmidt ~thought~ he was stating the obvious.


6. When Jess gave the wrong impression to an employee at the bank.


7. When Winston accidentally found himself in the possession of a boat.