Good news, “New Girl” is getting a Funko set — and bad news, Cece is rudely missing from it

Just in time for its (*sobs*) final season, New Girl is getting a Funko collection — but there’s a pretty glaring error. Despite the fact that the Fox series boasts five principal characters (six if you count Ferguson the cat), only four of them are getting Funko figures.

While miniatures of Jess, Nick, Schmidt, and Winston are slated to be released this summer, it seems Cece is nowhere to be found. Sure she’s not in the opening title sequence, which is what the collection seems to oddly be based on, but that doesn’t make her role on the show any less crucial. Not only is she forever best friends with Jess and married to Schmidt, but she’s been in every single episode of the series — which is more than *some* characters can say — and has actually had a number of important arcs.

We get Coach and Ferguson missing out on the collection — though we still very much want figures of them — but Cece’s omission is downright not cool, and we’re not the only ones to think so.

Many fans responded to Funko’s announcement wondering why Cece wasn’t included. One user wrote,“There’s 5 main characters. You forgot one, and the only woc in the cast. This is ridiculous.” Another user expressed confusion over Cece’s absence, writing, “I understand why there’s not Coach & Abby but where’s CeCe??”

Hannah Simone, who plays Cece on the hit series, tweeted out her own thoughts on the matter, quote tweeting Funko’s announcement with a simple “Rude.”

In addition to the lack of Cece, New Girl fans were also perplexed by how little Winston actually looks like Winston. In fact, a *lot* of people thought the Funko was of Coach — despite the official announcement saying otherwise. Naturally, many felt that the Winston Funko needed to be wearing a printed top and come with Ferguson as an accessory.


Unfortunately, Funko hasn’t responded to the seriously glaring Cece omission. Hopefully the collectible company will right its wrong and make Cece a part of the collection — or better yet, a special-edition figure! As one of the most underrated characters on the show, she deserves it.

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