After fan outrage, Cece is getting her own “New Girl” Funko — and cue a celebratory game of True American

Listen, if we ever make a mistake, the most we can all hope for is the chance to apologize, own up to it, and fix it. We’re all human, we get it! But when Funko released its line of New Girl figurines right in time for the final season, one glaring error had us seeing red and ready to chuck all our Funkos in the trash in protest. Because when a show has five main characters, you’d expect the Funko line to include *all* five. Five isn’t even that many! But Funko left Cece out of its New Girl collection, and it was sooooo not okay.

Hannah Simone’s Cece — who is Jess’ BFF, Schmidt’s wife, and an all-around amazing lady — has been around since day one (yes, even before Winston, because remember how he replaced Coach?!). She’s literally been in every single episode. She may not be the “new girl,” but she’s just as important — if not more important than the guys in the loft. Because, the friendship between Cece and Jess at the center of the show is arguably the best part of New Girl.

But only Jess, Nick, Schmidt and Winston got Funko figurines in their likeness, and the rudeness of Cece getting left out could not be ignored.

Fans were outraged and took to Twitter to air their grievances, along with Cece herself. And TBH, we couldn’t have put it better ourselves:

And you guys, the protests actually worked.

Funko listened, owned up to the mistake of leaving Cece out, and is fixing it by adding her to the line soon!

While we’re still a little salty over Cece getting left out for no good reason, we totally forgive Funko because of how the company is handling the issue. As long as we get 10 boxes of Cece Funkos to make up for this national nightmare, we’ll forget it ever happened in the first place.

And where can we submit our formal request for Ferguson and Coach figurines next?

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