“New Girl” has wrapped filming *forever* — but we’ll always have True American

It’s a strange thing when a television show ends. If you’ve been following it religiously, you’ve been entrenched in their world. The characters start to feel like friends. They may feel like reflections of your own life and your own friends. Not to mention, you have all the good memories of watching the show with people you love. That’s why it’s so hard to let our shows go. But all good things must come to an end, and that includes New Girl, the beloved Fox comedy that has been on the air for six seasons. It’s seventh, which will probably premiere in 2018, will be its last.

Last week, New Girl officially finished filming. Forever. And though that means we’re down to our last few games of True American, it also means it’s time for a bunch of sentimental Instagram posts from the cast and crew. Max Greenfield , Lamorne Morris, Jocelyn Mulhern (a stylist on the show), Robin Glaser (the show’s makeup artist), and Liz Meriwether (creator and showrunner!!) all felt some type of way about finishing up the series. For them, it’s the ending of a project that took up a significant portion of their lives since 2011. It’s saying goodbye to a whole family of colleagues.

Greenfield, arguably the heart of the show as Schmidt, posted a photo of the iconic 4D apartment.

"Final day shooting #NewGirl Thank you to all the incredible people that worked on this show and to all those who watched it!" Greenfield wrote on Instagram.

The apartment, shared by Jess Day, Nick Miller, (Winston) Schmidt, Winston Bishop, and gone-but-not-forgotten Coach, became the centerpiece of the show. It’s the stage for True American, as well as the place they all became a family.

Meanwhile, Glaser, a makeup artist posted a photo of the main cast.

Mulhern, a stylist, shared a photo of the entire cast and crew.

And another photo just of Schmidt. ?

Show creator Meriwether also weighed in with her own pic.

And Morris reminded us that “reruns are real,” so we won’t leave the show behind forever.

On the bright side, maybe now we’ll have time to actually learn the extensive rules of True American. 1, 2, 3, 4…