Here’s which “New Girl” character you are, based on your zodiac sign

Sometimes we feel a particular connection to a certain TV character. We think, “I am *exactly* like this person. How is this possible?” Astrology, that’s how. Astrology can tell us a number of things, including our personality traits, our sense of style, and even which New Girl character we are, based on our zodiac sign.

If you’ve ever watched New Girl and wondered whether you’re more like Jess or Cece, then let the stars guide you. Maybe you think you’re more like Jess, but then you actually discover your zodiac sign’s traits are more like Cece’s. Mind blown! Don’t be surprised, then, if you start resonating with Cece in a totally different way.

So whether you’re a quirky Libra like Jess or an uber-persuasive Sag like Schmidt, we’ve matched your favorite New Girl characters to their corresponding zodiac characteristics.

Which one are you?



Aries are not only leaders and super competitive, but they’re also the most naturally athletic of any sign in the zodiac. Factor in their blunt nature and unique sense of humor, and no wonder Coach is the ultimate Aries.



Question: Is stubborn, loyal, and kinda lazy how one would best sum up a Taurus, or Nick Miller? Trick question, because the answer is both. And just like Nick, a Taurus also loves comfort food and can be a little jealous when it comes to the ones (*ahem* Jess) they love.


Abby Day

Like Jess’s sister, Abby Day, Geminis are up and down emotionally and can seem like two different people. Because they’re super fickle, they often lead unconventional lives, although they do have a big heart for the ones they really care about and are often just misunderstood.



Cancers are emotional, compassionate, very nurturing — and a little moody. Whether it’s lending a sympathetic ear to his friends, cuddling his cat, or being the ultimate boyfriend/legit partner to Aly, Winston embodies the ideal Cancer.



A true lioness, like model Cece, loves to be the center of attention — and her wardrobe is always on point. She might be headstrong and straightforward — a Leo puts up with nothing but the best — but she’s also extremely loyal to the ones she loves the most.



Virgos are always paying attention to the smallest details, and their methodical approach to life ensures that nothing is left to chance, which is why Aly makes such a great cop. And, like Aly, most Virgos seem cold and tough on the outside but are actually big ol’ softies.



Libras are known for looking at the world through rose-colored glasses and wanting to make it a better place. Sounds like Jess, right? Libras also known for being great teachers and social butterflies; however, they’re most likely to be indecisive and disorganized in their personal lives, which is ironic because they’re super keen to partner up.



Like Reagan, Scorpios are known to be sexy, passionate, and very charming. Although their magnetic personalities might be the first thing you notice about them, don’t underestimate their intellect. They’re not only super smart — they also make great listeners.



Schmidt is your typical Sag: confident, energetic, and extroverted with a quick sense of humor. They are typically optimistic, clever, and won’t settle for second best. Aggressively fun, this sign usually moves full speed ahead once they have their sights set on someone (*ahem* CeCe).


Fawn Moscato

Like most Cappies, Fawn is ambitious, confident, and calls it like she sees it. As independent girlbosses who always look professionally chic, Caps like Fawn might look put together all the time, but inside they can also be super sensitive.



Unconventional and unpredictable (like, say, breaking off someone’s “member”) pretty much describes both Nadia and a typical Aquarius. Although often seen as mysterious and something of an enigma, Aquariuses like Nadia can also be blunt AF.



Compassionate, artistic, and sensitive, Pisces are empathetic and gentle creatures, much like Robby. Pisces are willing to help others, often sacrificing their own happiness for another, and they often feel a little out of place.

Thankfully, our fave show with our fave characters will be back for its final season on Fox April 10th. Don’t miss it!

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