The ‘New Girl’ Cast Revived Their Roles to Shout Out an Important Cause

Even Fawn Moscato is back.

With early voting happening in several states nationwide, the cast of New Girl wants us to get out there to the polls. Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Lamorne Morris, and Zoe Lister-Jones reunited in person and in character to share a few tips for making sure your vote gets counted.

“This message has been approved by Fawn Moscato. VOTE!! & vote early!” Deschanel captioned the video on her Instagram Reels. Johnson wrote in his, “You guys already know all this stuff, but it was a good excuse to see some old #NewGirl friends and goof around.”

In the video, Deschanel reprises her role as Jessica Day, Johnson as cult-icon Nick Miller, Morris as Winston Bishop, and Lister-Jones as Schmidt’s one-time girlfriend and politician Fawn Moscato.

America, you need to get out and vote, Lister-Jones in character as Moscato tells us.

To fill out your ballot at home and vote by mail, Deschanel as Jess tells us to use black or blue ink, “sign your name as it appears on other government-issued documents,” and last, “vote Moscato.”

Kidding—she’s not running. New Girl fans, please don’t write in Fawn Moscato.

Sadly, Hannah Simone’s Cece and Max Greenfield’s Schmidt don’t appear in the New Girl reunion video, but they still showed their support.

Simone commented, “When you arch nemesis makes a good point.” Simone also shared the video to her Instagram because she is just as supportive of a best friend in real life as she is in New Girl.

Greenfield, too, shared the New Girl skit to his Instagram Stories. Greenfield has also been actively getting the word out about voting early and by mail through his Instagram account, so the entire New Girl team is in the same boat.

From “Jen, Rick, and Wilson’s” mouths to our ears—let’s head to the polls (or to the post office/ballot drop boxes) and vote early. This election needs all the participation it can get.

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