Jess has a nose ring in “New Girl” Season 7 — and more behind-the-scenes photos you have to see

After what feels like forever, the cast and crew of New Girl are officially back on set and filming a shortened seventh and final season of the series.

The final eight episodes of New Girl, which are set to air sometime next year, will pick up with our favorite L.A. loft-dwellers three years after the Season 6 finale. The season finale left off with Schmidt and Cece finally living in their dream house with a baby on the way, Winston and Aly engaged, AND Nick and Jess back together.

So it seems we’ll be checking in to see if the group actually has it together. And we’re so excited to see our favorite characters back in action — because, let’s face it, we all want to see Schmidt raising a toddler and Nick and Jess finally (maybe) getting married.

Now that the cast is back on set filming, they’ve taken to Instagram to give fans a bunch of behind-the-scenes looks, and it seems like they’re having a blast.

Thanks to the BTS shots, we’re catching sneak peeks at what the three-years-wiser characters look like. And it looks like Jess is sporting a nose ring, bringing a little bit of edge to the forever straight-laced school teacher.

(Also, how adorable is Winston’s shark-patterned button-down?)

Meanwhile, it appears Jess and Cece are still sporting the iconic looks we’ve come to know and love from the BFFs. Hannah Simone recently posted a photo of herself and Zooey Deschanel memorizing lines on set. Hannah looks all business in a Cece-approved sleek black dress, while Zooey is literally brightening up our day with a classic Jess green button-down dress.

Hannah isn’t the only one giving us sneak peeks from the set. Makeup artist Jorjee Douglass recently shared this pic of Zooey on the set of the famed loft, making it clear that while some changes are in store for the final season, the loft is forever. (ICYMI, here’s the black-and-white version shared by Zooey.)

Another New Girl makeup artist, Robin Glaser, posted a timelapse video of Jake Johnson in the makeup chair, as she and Douglass transform him into “college” Nick, complete with his mustache. This could mean we’ll be seeing our final college flashbacks in the final season.

Johnson also took to Instagram to share a potential Coach (Damon Wayans Jr.) return, posting a teasing text from Wayans and announcing that Coach would be back for the final season. While part of us thinks Johnson is just trolling Wayans, we definitely want to catch up with Coach during the final batch of episodes.

While we can’t believe New Girl is coming to an end, we have a feeling the final season is going to send the show out with a bang. In the meantime, please, New Girl cast, keep the behind-the-scenes pics coming!