There’s actually an *alternate* ending to the “New Girl” season finale

The Season 6 finale of New Girl brought some closure for our friends in the loft while leaving the door open for so many more adventures. New Girl hasn’t been renewed for Season 7 (YET), and the team behind the show was told to wrap it up on the off chance there might not be another season. In order to do this, they actually shot a New Girl alternate ending, to serve as basically the ~final~ moment of the series — which thankfully, we didn’t see.

And, we didn’t see it, because everyone continues to wish, and hope, and pray that New Girl returns for more, duh.

The episode ends with Nick and Jess back together again (!!!), and Winston reaching out to his dad thanks to a push from his fiancee, Aly. As for CeCe and Schmidt? They’re now proud parents to-be. Yup. There’s a lil’ Schmidt on the way, and we need more New Girl solely to see CeCe and Schmidt as parents.

However, since the creative crew behind New Girl was prepping for the worst, they actually filmed a scene jumping forward in time. New Girl teased doing a time jump should the show come back for Season 7, and we would have see it in this alternate ending.

"There was a coda we shot that we didn’t use because it definitely had more of an [end]...the studio and the network didn’t ask for that coda either, which to me was an indication that there might be more to come," executive producer Brett Baer explained to Entertainment Weekly. "The coda sort of picked up on the pregnancy stuff and it was a group scene with the baby that kind of felt a little bit more [final]."

Saying BABY means that we’re nine months in the future, which executive producer Dave Finkel confirms. He’s also really hoping we get to see this baby.

"I think that it’d be really, really fun — the way that it was fun to see Schmidt as a bridezilla — to see Schmidt as a helicopter daddy for his child and see what he’s like as a father," he explains. "When you talk about the full evolution of a character, going from the douchebag jar and taking his shirt off during the interview with Jess in the pilot, to a guy who’s now married and in a wonderful relationship living in his own home and facing parenthood — I think those are fun things to play with as well."

We’d really like to see Schmidt as a helicopter dad, too. Cross your fingers for Season 7.