What is going on with Margaery Tyrell in this new “Game of Thrones” picture?

Another day, another Game of Thrones image from HBO to freak out about. This time, we’ve got a picture of Margaery, her grandmother, and our favorite Shame Bell Nun (okay, she has a name, and it’s Septa Unella). We need to know what’s going down in King’s Landing. Spoilers ahead, friends.

Ahead of next Sunday’s episode, “The Broken Man,” HBO has released a slew of new images. None of them are making us OMG gasp out loud, but the below image of Margaery is raising LOTS of questions.


As we learned in last week’s, “The Blood of by Blood,” Margaery has, apparently, fully converted to the Faith of the Seven. It’s still not clear if this is real, or not. Margaery stood on the Great Sept steps and announced to the people of King’s Landing below that she believed the words of the High Sparrow, and that her husband, King Tommen, did too. They entered into a new partnership with the High Sparrow.

This threw a huge wrench into literally everyone’s plan, seeing as how Cersei had just invited the Tyrell’s army to King’s Landing to fight to keep Margaery from doing her own Shame Walk (and was probably hoping the people of King’s Landing would fight the Faith, and also kill a lot of the Tyrell’s army, you know how it goes).

Well, surprise!

We’re lead to assume that Margaery converted off screen, but we never actually see it. Did it truly happen? There’s also the question of WHY. It’s entirely possibly that this ~conversion~ for Margaery is all to keep her brother, Loras, safe. She’s just now roped Tommen into her scheme, too.

Margaery, what is going on?

Which brings us back to this picture that shows Margaery hugging her grandmother, Lady Olenna, in front of the watchful eye of Septa Unella. And…um, what? Thanks to the presence of Septa Unella, it really sure does feel like Margaery isn’t allowed to go anywhere without our favorite nun. Add in the fact that this hug appears to be a pretty deep embrace, could Margaery be saying goodbye to her grandmother? What are the rules for when you convert to the Faith of the Seven?? Do you have to leave your old life behind? Has Margaery straight up renounced her old life? She’s still got the crown, so clearly she’s still queen, but what exactly has suddenly changed in her life?

Or is this all a rouse? What is her endgame??

And on a scale of one to NOT HAPPY, how do you think Lady Olenna is feeling about this? Judging by her fan-fanning action in the last episode, she is pretty peeved about everything right now.


Sunday can’t get here soon enough.

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