Um. These new ‘Game of Thrones’ pics are making us nervous

With only two episodes left of Game of Thrones (that’s right — only two, sob), who knows what will happen. Will Arya become “no one”? Will Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister join their smart brains and “break the wheel”? Is Cersei going to confess to the million-and-one sins she’s committed? Is her lover-brother going to make it out of Dorne alive? Oh, George R.R. Martin, how you make our hearts race every week. And it won’t be any different this Sunday — HBO recently released a slew of new photos from Episode 9, and things are not looking good (I mean, do they ever? Let’s be real).

If you didn’t catch last’s weeks GoT preview, here’s the official synopsis:

Does that “troubling decision” have something to do with Stannis’ witchy girlfriend’s desire to sacrifice his only, adorable and super-smart daughter Shireen? Um, this shot makes me think so. It depicts Ser Davos (aka, the Nicest Old Dude In Westeros) having a moment with Shireen — and what is she holding? Is that a stag? Is that tragically symbolic? Probably.

And now, for a forlorn Jon Snow. Why so glum, Jon? Oh yeah, your entire soon-to-be army of Wildlings was massacred by skeletons.

Here’s Melisandre looking thoughtful. Possibly wondering how she could convince a dad to kill his own child. Another day, another human sacrifice. NBD.

There’s a possibility Shireen won’t fall victim to Melisandre’s dark arts, though. It could be someone else. Or maybe Ramsay’s 20-dude army made a dent in Stannis’ plans. Vanity Fair points out there’s a clip of Stannis’ wife Selyse looking very distraught and chilly in the Season 5 trailer:

But, I mean, look. The last two seasons (at least) of Game of Thrones, the strained relationship between Shireen and her parents has been made pretty clear, and Stannis has basically JUST realized he’s chill with her being around. Oh, and Melisandre SPECIFICALLY took her with them on their mission to take over Westeros. Gulp.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens tonight.

(Images via HBO)

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