Welcome to “All New Friends,” HelloGiggles’ FIRST Podcast!

Hello there, Gigglers.

So, we’ve been around for three years and we never made a podcast. HOW COULD THIS BE. PODCASTS ARE SO POPULAR AND COOL. Anyway, we fixed it. Starting today, we are introducing our first ever HelloGiggles podcast, starring the very great hosts Tatti Ribeiro & Katie Kimmel. In keeping with the spirit of our site, “All New Friends” is about friendship and finding your bestie soulmates and getting to know each other by talking about the big “firsts” in our lives. Each episode has a surprise guest who might become a new friend too. The catch? The hosts have no idea who the special guest (a new friend) will be until they’re on air. Fun!

This week, Tatti and Katie are discussing the first time they realized they were really good at something with guests Ben Lyons & Micah Wexler who stop by to talk about hot waiters, working with friends, and, of course, Wexler’s Deli.

We hope you like listening as much as we liked making this!

The HelloGiggles Team

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