The most surprising (and adorbs) animal friendship on Instagram

It’s common knowledge that dogs and cats aren’t the best of friends, but dogs and rats? That’s even more unheard of. But for Riff Rat, a three-month-old rat, and Osiris, a three-year-old Dutch Shepard therapy dog, their friendship is just another regular day — and it’s all captured on Instagram.

Osirisandriff, the Chicago-based Instagram, has spent the last few months documenting the unlikely but adorable friendship of the two critters. The pictures consist of some seriously cute cuddling, including a shot of Riff Rat almost entirely inside Osiris’s mouth, giving his teeth a clean.

In other photos, they’re just rolling around being plain adorable.

Having a pet rat is not super common, and that’s because there’s this misconception that rats are gross and disease-ridden (which is actually TOTALLY untrue). While I wouldn’t recommend picking one up off the street, rats that are bred as pets are harmless and actually pretty cute. They’re solitary and independent, except, of course, when they’re making friends with Dutch Shepards and taking over the Internet.

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