6 new fall TV shows we’re already obsessed with

It’s finally September and fall is upon us. Not only does this mean the arrival of pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING, but also a slew of new TV shows will be hitting our screens in the next couple of months. While the “golden age” of television that we’re in means that there is never a shortage of great programming that will leave you wanting more, it can be tough to decide what to spend your time watching. From superheroes to crazy ex-girlfriends, these new additions deserve the precious space on your DVR.

Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris

The Neil Patrick Harris variety show that we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! After watching him slay as the host of a multitude of award shows over the years, it’s obvious that he’s going to kill it as the host of his own program airing this season on NBC. The show is inspired by a British format called Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, and promotes the idea that “anything can happen.” Expect hilarious sketches, appearances from your favorite celebrities, participation from the live studio audience, and THE BEST TIME EVER with your favorite quadruple threat.

Airing Tuesday nights at 10pm on NBC


If you’re a fan of Shonda Rhimes’ ABC drama, How to Get Away with Murder, then you’re bound to love this new show that follows the newest recruits at the FBI Quantico base for training. Throughout the season we will learn more about their lives previous to their time at the academy, and what will eventually lead one of their best and brightest to be accused of plotting the most devastating terrorist attack since 9/11. It looks twisty and thrilling and worth a watch this season.

Airing Sunday nights at 10pm on ABC


Superheroes have taken over our screens. From movies to television, they’re pretty much everywhere these days, but Supergirl on CBS, will fill a much-needed void in the current landscape of the genre with a female superhero as its lead. Kara (cousin to Clark Kent), will helm this new action packed drama all on her own, showing girls all over the country that they don’t need a man to save the world! So tune in for a quality girl-power session, because Supergirl is about to kick some serious ass.

Airing Monday nights at 8:30pm on CBS

Master of None

The hilarious Aziz Ansari will play a version of himself in his new Netflix comedy, Master of None, which premieres this November. The comedian, who we have come to know and love from his stand-up, as well as his role as Tom Haverford on Parks and Rec, finally has his own starring vehicle. While most of the plot seems to be under wraps, we do know that Ansari will play a 30-year-old who is struggling to find his path in life (something I’m pretty sure that most of us can relate to). The best part? It’s coming to Netflix, meaning you can binge watch all the episodes in one sitting (and then maybe watch them again).

Airing on Netflix November 6th

Scream Queens

Scream Queens is what you get if you mash up creator, Ryan Murphy’s, other two hits Glee and American Horror Story and add a powerhouse female cast. Playing off of the typical horror movie tropes under the watchful eye of the original “scream queen,” Jamie Lee Curtis, the show will follow the members of a sorority house as they try to solve the murders that are occurring on the 20th anniversary of a pledge prank gone wrong. It’s bound to be campy and fun, and maybe just a little bit scary.

Airing Tuesday nights at 9pm on Fox

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

This offbeat hour-long comedy with musical numbers has been getting buzz as the CW’s only new show airing this fall. From the writer of The Devil Wears Prada and the director of 500 Days of Summer, this eclectic new show should easily capture hearts across the nation. The pilot episode follows our main character, Rebecca, as she makes a rash decision to follow her former summer camp love across the country after randomly running into him on the street. We’ve all made impulsive decisions while looking for an escape, and the outcome of Rebecca’s choice might just be the perfect, cathartic look at the good that can come out of these kinds of situations.

Airing Monday nights at 8pm on the CW


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