Wishing your Facebook friends a “Happy Birthday” just got way less boring

Facebook is a great tool for staying in touch with far-flung friends, particularly when birthdays roll around. But let’s be real: posting a simple, “Happy birthday! Hope it’s great!” can feel not only impersonal, but just a touch uninspired as well. So it’s all the more awesome that Facebook has just unveiled a new feature that will make your birthday wishes way more entertaining: Happy Birthday videos.

Lucky iOS users are among the first to get access to the new video option, which is currently being tested via a small roll-out. Next to those reminders about people’s birthdays there will be a camera button, which will let you record a 20 second video to post on their wall!

Think of the potential here. You could sing, dance, stage a random group of strangers wishing your pal a happy birthday. Or you could just get super sentimental for a moment and let your friends know you’re thinking about them. Either way, it’ll be sure to make their day brighter, and that’s what it’s all about, right?

Don’t worry — you’ll have the chance to review the video before it posts, so that you can capture the perfect well-wishes. Although there’s no word on when a complete rollout will take place, we can’t wait to share special birthday greetings with our besties!

(Image via iStock)

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