This Lazy Oaf x Esther Kim collab is the stuff of your pastel-pink ’90s tracksuit dreams

Back in the ’90s, pastel tracksuits were everywhere. Brands like Jordache, Adidas and, later, Juicy Couture, had the market cornered, and we ate up every cotton candy-colored crumb. Now, a new collab collection from illustrator Esther Kim and ready-to-wear brand Lazy Oaf is bringing us alllll the way back to the ol’ days.

Filled with the cutest T-shirt dresses, tracksuits, and overalls, the collection highlights Kim’s “sophisticated girlish” aesthetic, as she describes it.

“Esther creates artwork and graphics centered around sass-filled bunnies that have killer taste in fashion and a bunch of bad habits,” according to a press release from the collaborators. “[This is] a pastel collection perfect for lazing around in, inspired by ’90s sportswear.”

Here’s Esther, rocking one of the collection’s fuzziest tracksuits. We’re kind of obsessed

Kim was born in Los Angeles but spent her teenage years in Tokyo, a transnational experience she says hugely influenced her artistic style. Her collaborator, Lazy Oaf, is a London-based brand started by designer Gemma Shiel in 2001 as a run of screen-printed T-shirts.

Now, “Lazy Oaf collections are notoriously colourful, cartoon-focused and always with an element of weirdness,” says the brand’s website. “Our design philosophy is not trend-driven but focused on our unique directional vision referencing streetwear and youth nostalgia. We like to design clothes that will make you smile.”

Prepare to smile, because the Esther Loves Oaf collection is available now — and it’s delightful. Check out some of our favorite pieces below.



Get them here for about $105.

Heart Popper Sweatshirt


Get it here for about $89.

Heart Popper Trackpants


Get them here for about $89.

Sports Bunny Dress


Get it here for about $74.

You Bunny Backpack


Get it here for about $68.

Lazy Bunny Jacket


Get it here for about $167.

Wishing you all a cotton candy-filled 2017…

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