New emojis will be coming out in 2018, and here are a few of the top contenders

Ready for a draft? No, we’re not talking sports. We’re talking emoji. Emojipedia, the top resource for all things emoji, reported that 67 new emoji were being tested for 2018. Some of them are hilarious, and some we’re surprised haven’t made it into the current lineup yet. (Did you know that we’re currently lacking both cupcakes and bagels? How?)

But here’s the most important update that may hit our iPhone screens: frowning poop might be included, which will surely be used to describe everything from the stomach flu to a really bad first date.


Sketches for all of the possible new emoji were available for the public on Unicode’s recent report. Mark Davis, the President and Founder of Unicode, also mentioned the progress of these emoji through Twitter.

Emojipedia also noted that different hair color wasn’t off the table. So redheads, there’s still some hope that there’ll be an emoji for you shortly.

Also in the lineup? Kangaroos and softball. Two things that we never figured would go together, but actually have something in common after all — their lack of presence on our phones before 2018.

And yes — we may just be getting our cupcake.

But here’s what we won’t be getting in the next update — planets. While they were reportedly discussed at a meeting, it just wasn’t their time yet.

This update will obviously give us a reason to celebrate. We’re just anxiously awaiting what’ll make the final cut. If it were up to us, diverse hair colors and styles would be a top priority. Along with the cupcake. Because that’s truly an emoji we’d use daily.

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