It’s time to start thinking of ways to use the Taco emoji

Real question: how did we communicate before emojis took over our phones? While yes, sometimes I try so hard to not fall prey to the little smiley faces and cat symbols to carry on a conversation, sometimes I just can’t help it. Sometimes it’s easier to carry on a conversation with an image of a monkey, a burger and three airplanes. You know exactly what I’m talking about, right?

Last week we got some pretty big news about our beloved emojis: The Unicode Consortium, who’s basically the ruler of all emojis, announced that they have accepted 37 different new emojis for consideration to be made into real emojis. The 37 they currently have might grow in numbers, or shrink, depending on the final emoji decision (I would love to be invited to that important emoji debate). From this list, there’s an upside-down face, a unicorn and most importantly, a taco and a burrito.

It’s just hitting me now that I don’t already have a taco emoji at my disposal, and I’m wondering how I’ve gotten this far in life without it. Sometimes typing, “Chipotle?” is too much. Now I can send fifteen images of a burrito and my friends will know what’s up.

This is just another announcement from the emoji front, and I hope it’s one that comes true. Earlier this month, Unicode also revealed that they’re rolling out racially diverse emojis in 2015—something that’s long overdue. This feature will include a modifier that allows users to adjust the skin tone of its emojis. The result will mean a more diversified emoji landscape—and that’s pretty awesome, if you ask me.

Bring on the new emojis!

(Images via here.)