The new emojis are HERE (and, yes, there are unicorns!)

Do you hear that siren? It’s the emoji siren, and I just made it up. It’s going off right now because the new emojis are finally, finally here. It feels like we’ve been hearing about them for months, teased with the promise of soon being able to send burritos and cheese to our texting companions (not actually, although it would be amazing if that’s something that came with the next update). The wait is over, and you can finally send unicorn, burrito and middle finger emojis to your BFFs.

These new symbols come with the release of iOS 9.1, which hit iPhones yesterday whether you knew it or not. If you don’t see the new emojis yet, don’t panic. You just need to go into your settings, click “general” and then “software update.” You can also plug your phone into your computer and update through iTunes.

While all you probably care about are the emojis, and I don’t blame you, some other changes came with this update as well. For instance, “Live Photos” can now tell when you raise or lower your phone, so it won’t record these moments. It also fixes a bunch of bugs, like issues that people were having with the Calendar and the Game Center, as well as some glitches happening in Mail and iMessage.

But back to the emojis. Remember that whoever you’re texting needs to also have iOS 9.1 in order to see the symbols. If you’re eagerly sending middle finger emojis to everyone you know, it won’t have the same effect if it just shows up as that little alien box. So spread the word! Everybody deserves a cheese emoji, and they’re just a click away from getting it.

(Image via Emojipedia/Apple)

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