A little lookesee at new emojis that may be coming soon

Emojis have officially become their own language. All it takes is a little string of carefully selected cartoons to share basically any message you want. And over the weekend, the list of possible new emojis dropped, giving us a glimpse at what we’ll soon be sending all our friends.

Ever wondered who decides what emojis get to be emoji-ed? Look no further than the Unicode Consortium, which is made up of tech companies that handle the process of turning code into text. They decide which emojis end up in the Unicode system, and in May, they will be deciding which on their latest list of candidates makes the cut.

So what might we see next spring? The list in pretty serious, with 67 potential emojis. Some of them play off existing favorites, like a disco Stu for our beloved salsa dancing lady, while others are just totally necessary, like a selfie arm.

And, of course, there are new food options, including a baguette and avocados. Plus the very descriptive “shallow pan of food” and the versatile potato.  

Those bacon emojis, though. Gonna need those like yesterday.

But with emojis, part of the fun is what the simple pics come to mean as we use them. Think about those praise hands that aren’t actually praying, and the finger nail painting emoji that serves so much shade with just one swipe of the polish.

What could a duck or carrot emoji end up being shorthand for? Only time will tell if they make the cut!

(Images via Twitter/Buzzfeed)