Every Single Reason We’re Excited For New Emojis

Ah, emojis, what better way to joke with your besties, confuse your mom or flirt with your crush?! I’m still in awe of that genius who set Beyoncé’s “Drunk in love” to emojis. Which then leads to the bigger question, is Bey’s writing process. . . emojis? And if so, can you imagine how great her next album will be after they release 250 new emojis in July?!

That’s right, 250 new ways to confuse your lover with cryptic tiny pictures!

We don’t for sure know what they look like. All we’ve seen is descriptions of what to expect and silhouettes of the new images.

So as we dream of the new emojis, here are the ones we plan on using the most:

White Flag

Ah! I surrender! Can we stop arguing over who’s the Regina and who’s the Gretchen? Fine, you’re the Regina! White Flag Emoji!

Man in Business Suit Levitating

Want to watch re-runs of Sabrina The Teenage Witch later? Did you hear? Michael Jackson arose from the dead?! Got a promotion at work? No one will know what you’re talking about when you shoot them this emoji.


The future of calling in sick.

“He canceled our date by just sending me a thermometer emoji. Not even a phone call. Just an emoji…” 

Admission Tickets

Free tickets to the “gun show” (wink wink)? Tickets to Beyonce? Your iPhone is your blank canvas and the possibilities are endless.


FINALLY. Poor Alvin and the Chipmuncks! Or Chip and Dale. Up until now they have been completely shunned from the emoji world. At. Last.

Om Symbol

Because your gym selfies aren’t enough. At last, an efficient way to let your besties know you’re in yoga, so can they interrupt it with the group text?

Middle Finger

Until now there has never been a better way to tell someone you’re done with them via text. Your friend sends you spoilers to Orange is The New Black?! (I know it’s almost been a month, but some of us have lives to live!) Middle finger emoji. Your ex texts you for no reason but to get under your skin. Middle finger. You’re trying to quote Jay Z’s, “Dirt Off Your Shoulder,” using only emojis. . . done and DONE.

But let’s not forget the bigger problem here. While the new line of emojis includes like, 20 new suns, you know what we’re still missing?


AKA Popping Bottles. New Year’s Eve and Sunday Funday selfies feel empty without this emoji. How can you celebrate without a champagne emoji? The two beers and hands clapping? That just feels wrong.

But in all seriousness, the real emoji problem, even with the 250 new ones. Still not enough diversity. What the what?

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