We want to eat at this new Disney-themed restaurant, STAT

Next time you’re in the Magic Kingdom in Disney World, you’ve got to make your way over to Adventureland. First, for Dole Whips, because always Dole Whips. But second, because you need to eat at the brand new Jungle Cruise-themed restaurant that just opened up in Adventureland.

The new restaurant is called, deep breath, The Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen. That’s a mouthful, so let’s just call it the Skipper Canteen, which is how it’s known around Main Street. It’s located just over the bridge in Adventureland, kinda across the way from the Swiss Family Tree House, and before you actually reach the Jungle Cruise. It’s themed around the opening-day and much loved attraction, but this watering hole won’t put you on a boat to sail up and down the world’s rivers with a witty Skipper. Instead, you’ll get to hang out with them on land and chow down on some yummy food.

And the food situation inside? Sounds delicious.The sit-down Skipper Canteen includes dishes from Asia, South America and Africa, like rice bowls, curried vegetable stew, steak and shrimp, and one entree called, “Tastes Like Chicken Because It Is!” As for the desserts, they’re just as drool worthy, like a coconut and pineapple bar, and Kungaloosh chocolate cake.

Yes. Let’s go and eat it all.

The Skipper Canteen officially opens on the 16th, and while they’re not offering reservations right now, they will in the future. If you’re an Adventureland fanatic, or a Jungle Cruise enthusiast, or just like good food, make sure this is a stop on your next Disney World vacation. Hopefully the Skipper servers are also very good at jokes. And identifying plant life. And scaring away hippos.

(Image via Twitter.)

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