This wondrous new song from Death Cab For Cutie feels sorta like a #TBT

If you’ve spun through the radio stations these last few weeks, you might’ve been lucky enough to catch Ben Gibbard’s nostalgic voice bleeding through your speakers. If you’re anything like me, you also probably had vivid flashbacks to high school. Who else remembers driving with their learner’s permit to “Soul Meets Body“? Or hearing “Crooked Teeth” via the MySpace of a moppy-headed dude you sat next to in Spanish class? Aside from providing us with a soundtrack for angsty, late-night car cries (“Tiny Vessels” off of Transatlanticism, anyone?), Death Cab For Cutie shook our sweaty teenage hands and introduced us to a little genre called indie rock.

After a four-year hiatus, Death Cab for Cutie is back in full force with a forthcoming album and a new single to prove it. True to Death Cab fashion, their new track “Black Sun” is mesmerizing to the ears, and slow enough for you to fixate on Gibbard’s haunting lyrics in between steady guitar strums. The single’s video, which premiered yesterday, features saturated slow-mo shots of an active movie set and is haunting in that special Death Cab way.

Doesn’t “Black Sun” kinda feel like a reminder of those nostalgic Death Cab days? Can’t you just imagine 16-year-old you having a good-long crush-cry to this jam?

Their eighth studio album, Kintsugi, is set for release on March 31. Until then, we won’t mind revisiting the beautiful songs from their seven other albums. Oh! And don’t forget to check out their upcoming tour dates!

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