There’s a new dating app that will find your soulmate. Watch out Tinder.

There’s a new dating app, and it’s making pretty bold claims. 8^8 (short for 8^8^8^8^8^8^8^8) is a website that is determined to find your soulmate, your “long-lost twin . . . Someone who inherently shares your outlook on life, your opinions on things that matter.” No need to stress over a profile and bio either —all you need to do is answer eight questions, fill out your e-mail address, and sit tight while 8^8 finds your soulmate and notifies you when that happens.

And who, exactly, qualifies as your soulmate? A person who answered the exact same answers as you. Sounds crazy and pretty particular (it’s actually a 1 in 16,777,216 chance, according to 8^8 — hence the name of the site). But hey, we live in 2015 and anything is possible. While answering all the same questions as someone might not be a foolproof way to find a soulmate (and maybe you don’t WANT to be with a person who is so much like you), it’s still a pretty interesting concept.

Since I was curious (naturally), I took the test — which is free (!!!) and only takes a few minutes. The questions were surprisingly thoughtful, and really dig into who you are at your very core. Your work ethic and your ideology on success are just some of the topics the questionnaire seeks to understand about you in order to help find you the love of your life. Your gender, sex, orientation, and location are not asked for — and that’s refreshingly awesome.

If you DO take the test, 8^8 recommends you do so with these things in mind: Take the test sober (and not sleep-deprived or in “an extreme emotional state”), take it when you’re not distracted, be honest, and don’t overthink your answers (this is actually harder than it sounds, TBH), don’t let others influence your answers, and be aware of ALL the answer options (like when you take a standardized test).

Here are some of the questions that you’ll be asked:

What kind of person are you at a party?

What makes you YOU?

What kind of writer you would be?

What are the things in life that bring you joy?

And then you give 8^8 your e-mail and, well, wait.

We decided to give this a go at the HelloGiggles office (because why not?). All of us have taken the test, and we’ll keep you updated on our soulmate search status.

(All images via 8^8)