This credit card-sized phone is designed to help us live in the moment

There have been a lot of changes to mobile phones in recent years — as in they started off big, then went small, then they got bigger with the new iPhones…now it seems like small is in again. According to Mashable,  a new simple phone will help you disconnect, and it’s literally the size of a credit card.

But it’s not meant to replace your iPhone. The new Light Phone is meant to be a second phone that uses your existing number. It allows you to make and receive calls during times when you don’t need or want to carry a smart phone, and all the many distractions they entail. Basically, you can’t text Snapchat, check your status, or Google stuff on this thing. It’s just a phone.

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Aaaaaaand how do we get our hands on one of these?

There’s a $5/month subscription service and app that you can download to your iPhone (we should have guessed), and it configures your phone number to this little Light Phone.

Here’s how it looks and works:

Not a bad idea, right? The thought of not being able to look up information whenever we need it does make us a teensy bit anxious…but the benefits of a phone like this are obvious — we’ll be way more present in the actual moment.

via giphyThe website explains that the Light Phone is designed for exactly that, going light, meaning it’s “designed to be used as little as possible.” We can definitely get on board with that.

We love it — a gadget to make us less reliant on gadgets. Kind of genius. And we’re definitely intrigued.