This new collection of Harry Potter blankets will make any home feel like Hogwarts

Cuffing season is officially upon us, which means it’s time to curl up by the fire with your favorite Harry Potter book to get you through the winter — because that’s what cuffing season is for, right? (For us, at least.)

Regardless, it’s the perfect time to complete that yearly re-read of the beloved series and Pendleton Woolen Mills has the perfect set of Harry Potter blankets and scarves to keep you warm as you take on Voldemort with Harry and the rest of the D.A. and the Order of the Phoenix.

Warner Bros. has teamed up with the American textile manufacturing company and the result is this gorgeous collection that’ll have you reaching for your wallet and saying, “I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good.” The woven blankets honor each of the four houses along with the legendary wizarding school, while a scarf pays homage to Hedwig, Errol, Pigwidgeon and the rest of the owls used to deliver important messages.

Check out the collection below:

Gryffindor Blanket, $299


Buy here.

Hufflepuff Blanket, $299


Buy here.

Ravenclaw Blanket, $299


Buy here.

Slytherin Blanket, $299


Buy here.

Harry’sSymbols Blanket, $99.50


Buy here.

Hogwarts Blanket, $99.50


Buy here.

Houses Scarf, $79.50


Messenger Scarf, $79.50


Now, round up those galleons and get shopping.

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