This new collar will give your cat an ACTUAL voice

Once we finished watching Up, we paused for a moment to wish upon a star: “Please, give my dog the power to talk. That way I don’t feel as crazy when I talk to them for 30 minutes straight.” The same thing happened after we watched and re-watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch, but we instead wished upon that same star for our cats. Now, our dreams are coming true! Thanks, Wishing Star!

The Temptations Lab is basically a wonderland for cat technology. “We’re passionate about bringing cats and owners together,” they wrote on their website. “In fact, we’re on a mission to inject some fun into their lives! Using the brightest minds on the planet we’re working on new things to bring to the fun arena.” That would explain why our cats are now being given the ability to talk (and curse? See the video below).

For their first project, The Temptations Lab wanted to do what’s never been done before: Create the world’s first talking cat collar. Using their special app, you can connect the program to a 3D-printed cat collar. You then select what your cat’s new voice will sound like and the collar technology effortlessly translates their meows into human speech for you.

“Studies have shown that adult cats meow when talking to humans, not to each other,” the cat-loving lab wrote. They’re right! National Geographic reports that cats use vocal and visual signs to communicate with their humans. With this in mind, these new cat collars won’t only be fun for us – they’ll also be super helpful for the cats who want to talk to us.

Also – we have to say it – this technology is beautiful combo of adorable and funny. If you do anything today, we highly recommend that you watch the videos we’ve included in this post. You and your feline friends can thank us later.

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