This new clothing brand is taking the unisex fashion trend *very* seriously, and it’s awesome

If ever there was a brand to make clothing that’s truly designed for every. single. body., it would be m/f people. The new company, which launched its first collection today, makes fabulously gender-neutral clothing, capitalizing on the unisex fashion trend that’s been sweeping the fashion world the last couple of years.

What’s extra cool about m/f people is that the brand will not only offer a full range of gender-neutral clothing options — including hats, tees, sweats, sleepwear, outwear, undergarments, and accessories — it also created an assortment of beauty products for people across the gender spectrum, including skin care items and neutral-smelling shampoos, conditioners, and body washes. Plus, all products from m/f people are cruelty-, gluten-, dye- and paraben-free, so you can feel good about wearing them.

Can you tell we’re pretty excited about this unisex fashion milestone?

The brand is all about minimalism and reducing clutter in the home, while also easing our impact on Earth by buying less and using planet-friendly products. Clothes range in price from from $18 to $125, and beauty products are between $10 and $40, so shopping this brand won’t break the bank, either.

There are some items designed with female-identified people in mind, like crop tops and and high-low tees, and some for male-identified folks, like polos and sweatpants. But of course everyone is welcome to shop from anywhere on the site.

Below, check out some of our favorite unisex items from the brand’s debut collection.

Zip Hoodie


Get it here for $88.

Linen Tee


Get it here for $58.

Breezy Raglan Tee


Get it here for $48.

Pro Wool Cap


Get it here for $35.

Sunday Sleep Pant


Get them here for $58.

Now no one in your house can get mad when you borrow their clothes.