There’s a ~mysterious~ new character on “The Walking Dead” and we’re half intrigued, half worried

Sometimes, when a new character is introduced on one of your favorite TV shows, it takes a while to find out what they’re all about. Tonight’s winter/midseason finale of The Walking Dead season 7 gave us that exact scenario: We met a new character, and no, we still don’t know exactly what to think of them — mostly because we have no idea who they are. It’s definitely not something we predicted for The Walking Dead’s midseason finale, to be sure.

At the end of last week’s The Walking Dead, we left Rick and Aaron about to cross a lake full of walkers. If that sounds like the subject matter of your worst nightmares, oh believe us, it is. The pair both nearly die in their efforts to get to a boat they they think has supplies on it. But, they get there, then float it back to the shore to load it up with said supplies.

That’s when we meet our new character. Well, when we sort of meet them. You see, we get to see their boots – just their boots. Let’s go ahead and call this person Boots, okay? Boots watches Rick and Aaron load up their vehicle and drive away. While we can’t see them past their feet, we get the feeling that they’re bad news.

Fast forward to the end of the episode. A loooot happens between the first appearance of Boots and now. So, we’ve basically forgotten about Boots and the weird vibe we get from them. UNTIL NOW.

We see the gates of Alexandria. It’s nighttime, and Father Gregory is keeping watch. He’s also being watched, through binoculars. We see the person holding them – but, not much of them, because the binoculars really obstruct their face. However, we get the gist – they’ve followed Rick and Aaron back to Alexandria, and now they’re observing the community from a tree. There’s a chance this *won’t* be a terrible thing. Maybe Boots is friendly, and they just want to join the community!

That’s probably way too much wishful thinking, though. Because the last we see of Boots is them jumping down from the tree. It *seems* like they’re about to head over to Alexandria, too.

We know very little about Boots, but they’ve definitely captured our interest. We just hope they’ll be a friend to the characters at Alexandria. Because with the likes of Negan around, the last thing our favorite survivors need is another foe.