These new brushes by Tarte Cosmetics are a total cotton candy fantasy

If you thought Tarte‘s gold limited edition Nicol Concilio brushes were gorge, you haven’t seen anything yet. Today, the brand took to their Instagram to show off an upcoming collection of pastel-hued brushes in pink, lavender, and a soft turquoise.

The fantasy-inspired brushes won’t hit stores until 2017, but if you’re looking to upgrade your brush game sooner than that, check out these Unicorn brushes by Unicorn Lashes.

Commenters were quick to point out the obvious similarities between the brushes, especially the handles. Some even accused Tarte of copying the brand’s design outright.

Which brushes are you feeling more? One thing #TeamUnicorn has over #TeamTarte is an earlier delivery date. Pre-order now to get your Unicorn brushes next month.