A first look at the upcoming Bruce Jenner ‘KUWTK’ special

In the wake of Bruce Jenner’s brave and moving interview with Diane Sawyer in which he was, for the first time, public about being a transgender woman, Keeping Up With The Kardashians is going to air a two-part special on Sunday May 17th and Monday May 18th, entitled “About Bruce” that focuses on the Kardashians and Jenners and their relationship with Bruce’s transition.

This is an enormous subject that could not possibly be thoroughly covered in two episodes, which is why this summer E! is going to release an eight-part docu-series that will follow Bruce during this transition.

Still, we’re really looking forward to the Bruce-centric Kardashian two-parter, which promises to be a raw and honest look at a family adapting to change together.

The promo, which is peppered with family home videos through the years, suggests both enduring compassion and the clan’s complicated response to Bruce’s transition.

“We want to understand his struggle,” Kim Kardashian’s voice-over explains in the promo.

“I do want to meet her, when he’s ready, when we’re both ready,” Kendall Jenner adds.

Note that Bruce has not indicated that he wishes to be referred to as “she,” which is why everyone from his family to the media, for the time being, continues to use “he” in reference to Bruce.

Though the family is clearly supportive, it’s clear that this transition is a challenging experience.

“I just don’t like it when people say that Bruce is going to be gone,” we hear Kendall say through tears.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Bruce reassures her.

He also opens up about his personal terror at sharing his transition with his family. “I don’t think I’ve ever been as scared in my life as I was to be extraordinarily honest with my kids,” Bruce explains.

We’re looking forward to what looks like an honest and moving glimpse at a family changing together. If nothing else, it will expose the millions of viewers who follow the Kardashians to transgender issues and continue the conversation Jenner—and so many others—have sparked by sharing their story with the media.

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