Everything we know (so far) about the new ‘Bridget Jones’ movie

Calling all Bridget Jones fans and aficionados, there is a new movie in the works and we are preparing with a good old-fashioned turkey curry buffet. We are scouring all our sources for any droplets of information we can glean about the new flick and, man, we cannot say we’re disappointed. Here’s what we know so far. 

WELL first and foremost, the movie is called Bridget Jones’s Baby. Second of all, Patrick Dempsey is joining the cast, as exclusively confirmed to Variety. Fangirling out pretty hard right now. This will be the actor’s first project post Grey’s Anatomy.

The third installment in the film series will still star Renee Zellweger, who plays the part of title protagonist, an endearing but unlucky-in-love, 30-something British woman. Mark Darcy, aka Colin Firth, appears in the first and second film as Bridget’s unexpected love interest. Although the details of the plot have been kept tightly sealed, it’s safe to assume by title alone that the narrative will involve a pregnancy and there is much noise online that this is a Bridget-Mark pregnancy. 

Deadline speculates that Dempsey could be a new admirer, thus filling the gap left by Hugh Grant’s absence as womanizing charmer Daniel Cleaver. Although Grant won’t be returning, the film will be directed by Sharon Maguire, who set the tone for the franchise in the first 2001 film.

Additionally, there’s a strong belief that this third movie will not follow Helen Fielding’s latest Bridget Jones book, Mad About the Boy, which includes the death of a beloved character. Fielding is reported to have co-written the early drafts with fellow author and screenwriter, David Nicholls (One Day).

Will fans be back for another round of Bridget’s mishaps? Based on the past box office performances, with the first film grossing $281 million worldwide and earning Zellweger a Best Actress nomination, there’s still a strong fanbase eager to complete the trilogy. Last year, Zellweger was open to coming back for a third film, telling Vanity Fair, “It would be fun.” Sounds like the fun is about to begin. 

Production for the movie begins is set to begin in the upcoming weeks.

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