There’s a blog that lets you hang out with Leo DiCaprio, and we’re into it

Leo was my first crush, ever. The moment I laid eyes on his furrowed brow and honeyed ‘90s hair, I knew it was love. From afar at least. My parents didn’t know it then, but in second grade my friends and I secretly watched Titanic (we were rebels, I know). Our eyes would widen every time Leonardo would kiss Rose, say something unbearably romantic, or scrunch his face and look up at Rose like a puppy. We knew, even when we were seven, that Leo would be the perfect boyfriend.

I’ve kept up with Leonardo over the years. Watched him face off with Daniel Day-Lewis in Gangs of New York, embody a con artist in Catch Me if You Can, investigate a scary mental institution in Shutter Island, and most recently, unethically take over Wall Street in The Wolf of Wall Street. Although Leo may not have won an Oscar yet, he’s won ALL of the Oscars of my heart. Which is pretty much better than an old Oscar anyway (JUST SO YOU KNOW, Leo).

While I may never get to be with Leo IRL, I can at least pretend. Right now, I’m all about the MyDayWithLeo Tumblr, which features photos of people hanging out with Leonardo DiCaprio. Kind of. Artist Joel Strong takes photos of people in New York and replaces their heads with Leo’s head. Now we can ALL hang out with Leo. Mega brilliant.

Here’s Leonardo looking gallantly boyish as he walks down the sidewalk.

Leo on the subway, effortlessly flawless as always.

Oh, just doing some yoga at the park. Can you spot him?

Of course Leonardo is going to hang out with some ladies and really big flowers!

Well, someone’s dreams just came true.

Leo’s having a jolly ‘ole time at the park.

Wouldn’t we all love to run into Leo at the library? Or anywhere as a matter of fact?

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