This new black topcoat from Chanel transforms your manis

Get ready to take your traditional manicure to the next level and bid goodbye to boring nail looks. Chanel’s new black topcoat is the only one you need, since it turns your regular nail look into a host of new shades and styles. This single topcoat nail polish is poised to reinvent your makeup drawer, and we can’t wait to try it out!

While most topcoats do nothing more than seal in the color and add some staying power to your nail shade, Chanel’s design goes beyond that. For starters, it’s black. No boring clear coats here; this shade amps up your previous looks by adding  rich layer of additional color. You can layer it on bare nails for a subtle hint of color, but the real fun is when you use this top coat with a variety of other shades.

By topping your favorite polishes with this powerful glaze, you end up with an entirely different — and deeply dramatic — new shade to call your own. It’s the fastest and most effective way to add a variety of new looks to your nail armada without dropping a ton of cash on a whole new shelf of shades.

This is the perfect addition to your makeup arsenal, particularly if you’re worried about what to do with all those bright and summery shades now that the cold weather has set in. For $28, you can virtually double your nail polish collection. Putting this topcoat over pastels adds a rich, steely layer of color that’s perfect for winter. On bare nails you get a chic and sleek grey look that goes with your favorite cold weather coat.

As if that’s not enough bang for your buck, this polish dries quickly and gives your nails a rich and luxurious shine. Available in January (not that we’re counting down the days or anything), it’s the perfect beauty accessory for the winter season, and a nail look you’ll love all year round.